Full moon..

I heard Alex Cuddy www.alexcuddy.blogspot.com is glider mulin' down in southern Brazil. Their weather has been crap but just 7-800kms to his north, I'm glider-less and in agony watching day after endless day of streeted up cumies from horizon to ocean zing by overhead. It's a bit flat around here.. I've done a sweet 100k flight... http://www.willswing.com/blogs/PilotBlogs/tabid/38/EntryId/251/Classic-Route-Medianeira-Brasil.aspx ...from a nearby (hour away) hill but launch is about 300 feet high; definitely not comp worthy. Aero tow would be the go.
I'm guessing this moon can't hurt Alex's mojo..

and since they haven't been getting many flights in down there, I'm sure he is slayin it as we speak (11pm). Yea champion!!

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