Brasilia was quite nice this year. The air was smooth, climbs were still strong to 10000 feet most days, winds were lighter than usual.
Half the comp was flown through a fog of food poisoned agony, but that half was where I was winning. Once I popped the pills, Jonny slipped by with a 23 point lead going into the last day. Unfortunately the last day was stopped halfway through the task due to storms.
Landing in the Esplanada every day was a pleasure as usual. This year the closing ceremony was held there after packing up the gliders, and the atmosphere was strong.
The curiosity of the locals here always surprises me coming from the states and they were out in force every day this year. I'm guessing there will be some new pilots here this time next year.
Special thanks to the organization this year and the local private hospital. When I was doubled over and without a great deal of money, the organizer of the comp and one of the partners in the hospital both arranged for free treatment and took me past a day-long ER line to get immediate help. Awesome.
Anyway, pics..



Moving right along - Spent almost two weeks in Zapata again this year. Got a record for the 100km triangle on an after-lunch flight on one of the days because I couldn't think of much else to do on yet another sub par weather day.

The two weeks, most of which with my car in the shop, helped me rediscover my motivation to try for the record somewhere else. I need a change of scenery. I have a spot scoped out for next June/July and flying is just one of endless outdoor activites that are possible there. It will be a blast, flying or not, but it's no minor site. Eleven hours soarable air on a good day, interstate highway under you from the first to the 500th mile, hIGH cloudbase, typically strong tailwinds, and you can retry if you landout early. Not as consistent as Zapata (is supposed to be). More consistent than Zapata has been. Need O2, only major drawback.

Off to Brasilia, the 2nd stage of the Brazilian nationals right now. I remember thinking I wouldn't go back there after the last time two years ago, but the bump and wind tolerance is rejuvenated after the French trip. Arriving tomorrow morning and the weather is looking good. Always a good time.

Kit required for a big one:

Landing after 2hr 100km flight:

Last year in Zapata before the big one:



Pleasantly surprised by the air and views of France this year.