Help a U.S. Team member go to the Worlds!!

UPDATE: Thank you for the great initial response from everyone! I am going to the first of the Brazilian Nationals series and I leave tomorrow morning - when I get back on February 6th, we will tally up what has been bid on and have the first edition of the raffles. Good luck! So far the carbon pod is the most popular item, followed closely by T2 fairing kits, then the XC clinics and Geko GPSs.

Spread the word! Put a link on your local forum or send me the address of your forum. I am thinking about putting all the donators back into the raffle even if they don't score on the first try, and have higher odds on cool smaller items - speedsleeves, etc. For those interested in supporting the entire team, visit the link at the right of this page to check out our site hosted through Flytec.

Thanks again!

So it goes like this:

I have a bunch of cool goods/services to raffle off in order to raise the necessary cash to make it to France this year. Anyone can see that a few weeks in France with airfare, drivers, lodging, and the rest of it is going to be insanely expensive. Rather than just look for handouts, I would like to sell chances at valuable items.

Simply use the paypal button on the right to purchase your chance at one of these items and make a note of which one you would like to shoot for. Or just make a donation, any amount is appreciated. Thanks!

Here is your chance to snake in for next to nothing...

- Chance at a one-on-one full day radio-guided clinic at Quest Air: $40 per ticket Odds will be at least one in ten, dates available from now until May.

- Chance at a slot in the 5-7 day group clinic/beginner's comp at Quest Air: $60 per ticket Four slots are available in the week-long group clinic(s). Odds will be at least one in ten, with enough interest more group clinics will be organized.

- Chance at a 6030/Geko carbon instrument racing pod, 3 out of 5 of the U.S. team members fly with one! A $329 dollar value, includes mounting bracket and zippered carrybag: $50 per ticket Odds will be at least one in ten. I make them for Flytec USA, check them out here- http://www.flytec.com/Products/racing_pods.htm

-Chance at a Geko to fill the pod you just won, the lightest, slickest comp backup GPS available... your chance at a Geko 201: $35 and for a Geko 301: $45 Odds at least 1 in 10.

-For Wills Wing T2 owners only: I am offering fairing kits through this raffle only right now. The full kit includes an apex fairing, VG cleat cover, and a pair of sidewire tang fins. They tape on and require some time and care when setting up and breaking down (basically only for drag weenies at comps), but they look effing cool and have earned their keep. A chance at a full set is yours for $40. Odds at least 1 in 10, can be black gelcoat or clear carbon finish.

One on one clinic days can be arranged from now through late spring through email and are held at Quest Air near Orlando, FL.

The group clinics date(s) will be announced very soon and will be adjusted to suit the majority. If you can't fit into the first one and there is enough interest, I will schedule a second.

My carbon pods are as good as it gets. The quality is top notch, they are the lightest available, they use a tool-less gps removal for easy download, and I include a mount that is custom made for your particular downtube or basetube.

If there isn't sufficient interest in a particular item to at least cover my costs, I will shift your donation to another item of your choice or give a refund, you decide. Thanks for your support!