Carbon Bling results in Cash Bling

The late news is that the mods worked a little too well. After enjoying a week in Guayaquil, the circus relocated to Canoa for a quick couple of practice days. Jeff, Daniel, and I only briefly joined up for some glide posturing but all seemed normal. Within seconds of the first day's start, I realized that my glider had something special and for three days of competition I was able to sit back and watch the race from above, making moves when and where I chose, and moving to the front position whenever I liked. The race is all about the glider and harness combo, no illusion there, so the lucky person with the most aero package takes it all. In my case, a month of work payed off big and some worthwhile tuning tricks were discovered.

Thanks to all of our great friends from Ecuador for another week of the best free flight on the planet and especially Raul for pulling off a monumental organizational masterpiece. Hope to see all our buddies and more next year for some more racing and relaxation. And don't doubt that I will again have the best glider.

Pics to follow.