Jonothan got his prize from the first round of the raffle and here he is fondling it proudly...



Took a break from updating for the comps.

Florida Ridge went well. Ending up at the top of a strong list of my friends was satisfying. Was good to see everyone after a long winter of teaching.

The Rally was going equally well until the 5th task when I glided from base to the ground after the start. It's rare enough that I will go ahead and write it off and the battle with the landowner in that field made the flight worthwhile on its own.

Team USA is a finely tuned machine that will do well in France, if the mountains don't conspire to crush us. If it's anybody's weak point, it's probably mine.

Taking my new-found free time to start the skunk werks on my glider in prep for the worlds. I've got a good lazy month of work to do on it before it's ready. That and stacking up an inventory of pods to take to Europe will keep me from attending Torrey, Kitty Hawk, and the ECC. Trade offs. Good times, old friends, new, looking ahead.