Rotor test


Some dude doing wingovers hanging squarely from the middle of his slider bar due to mal-adjusted foot rope.. rotor test indeed. That's how you pull bars out of back plates.

Check your foot ropes!!


Mike Bomstad said...

Yeah, I bent mine doing less...

Mike Bomstad said...

It was the old style though.
WW said the free replacement they sent is much, much stronger.

Dustin Martin said...

the new, larger bar is of course much stronger. hanging from the middle will still bend the crap out of it though. you're talking over 1000 pounds if you crank it hard at high speed. best to keep an eye on foot rope adjustment. they typically come adjusted within an inch or two, but that's not nearly close enough for safety.

NMERider said...

I sent a message to that youtube poseur to read the WW Rotor manual.