Just searching through the memory card, found some nice shots. Can't wait to go back down to Canoa. Hope there is a good turnout so we can work on the LAUNCH this year! Or maybe we'll just run off the low ramp over the hotel. Whatever.
Here's a pic from Canoa that I just found on Jamie's memory card.
Jonny's mantra!!!!!!!!

A windy day at Quest blew several boxes over and this is the second one that impaled itself on a this finpost, cargo-company-forklift style. I think it gusted up to 45 that day.

My landing spot this afternoon. The old greyhound track in Black Canyon City, AZ. Had it to myself except for this old crotchity lady that came out and gave me shit. Rough day today in the mountains, I am so happy that I got those miles in the flats last week. When I landed in the 100 degree heat today, my hands were still ice blocks from the miles of snow I flew through at 16 grand under the one and only cloud line of the entire flight. Shooting for Phoenix, but got pinched out of the mountains by my altitude and zero landing options, and once you find yourself over Black Canyon City, you are there to stay. At least in all my experiences there.

One more shot, a classic Canoa sunset. Gliders everywhere. I think I was drunk before I got out of my harness. Beer delivery was spot on.

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