27, 28 May 2007

Looking out toward Francisco Grande from 12K over table top mountain.

Table top off the tip.

The Vekol valley. I've never gone down this way into the reservation but it is probably the most consistent cloud and dust devil producer within hundreds of miles.

Table top.


The local hill was closed by the park service yesteray so I ended up giving a ride in the Grob instead. Lift was 8-900 average to 13,600 and we did an 80 mile triangle at tourist pace (40mph), while in the southeastern corner of the state on the same day, Tony Smolder won the day in the local comp with a 428 miler at 94mph.

Today at our local hill I was lucky to hop off in between over the back cycles and catch a nice climb to get the hell out of there. I don't want to wear out the Francisco Grande welcome mat, so today I cruised out southeast to Pegasus airstrip, an airport community in the making. Pretty much a dustbowl with a couple very small grass yards that I took advantage of for breakdown. Air was typical sweet sonoran desert honey. Brisk west winds made landing a bit tricky but got it down next to a grass yard in between dust devils. So I feel great having racked up over 180 miles over the holiday weekend without ever leaving town.

Next stop, Wills Wing for some testing and glider short packing. Then, catch a flight down to Brasil for the next two editions of their comp circuit, first in Porciúncula, then in July it will be in Itamonte, two places I have never seen and I am really looking forward to it. I was seriously thinking about the east coast comp, but I am in a rush to get some quality practice in for the worlds and I really had to go with the stiff competition down south. I think I can learn a lot from these guys, just wish their weather was a little more reliable this time of year. Hopefully we will fly the majority of the days and I can make some progress.

http://superrace2007.blogspot.com/ for more info on the brasilian calendar.

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Nics pics. Good luck in Brasil.