cross-ecuador rally style

We have arrived!! Canoa is showing it's good side again as we arrived in the evening to snag a quick sunset run. Raul, Mike, Jamie, myself, and two Peruvians who were flying when we showed up all had a dream run up and down the almost endless cliffs. I finally got my chance at the big north cliffs a few miles north of the town. Three of us headed out at about 1500 feet and easily reached the cliffs. We did a several mile run over beachless vertical cliffs with waves crashing against vertical cliffs just below. The wind was ON. On the way back south I guess Mike and Raul decided to do a practice course run so I followed them into the moonlight to the first turnpoint...even though we were cookin it was getting pretty dark when we arrived and on the way back we all resigned ourselves to a pitch black landing. We had the hotel floodlight on the landing spot and we couldn't see eachother in the air so we just waited until we saw a glider appear on the ground in the spotlight and then we knew it was our turn...ecuador air traffic control. Today is race day. No holding back, except ballast...right Raul? Tomorrow I might tell the story of our ferry boat bribery that cost us 80 bucks and got us ....nothing. hahahhhaha Raul. pics??? Ok I tried, but it took forever, maybe tomorrow this computer will be faster.

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