I really wasn't lazy to update this thing, it's just that it was a waste of otherwise quality beach time to wait on the crazy slow connection of the computers there. Anyway, the flying was even better than last year...the wind was on, the sun was out, we were ballasted up, and Canoa gave another great week. We broke the course record by something like 3 minutes or so on the last day with a solid 14 mph wind, pretty brisk for this place I guess. It's a 48 K course and I think I did it in 38:22. Thanks Kevy for staying home with the little bundle of joy, I finally won! The results run like this..

Dustin Martin 1st
Mike Glennon 2nd
Raul Guerra 3rd
Rafael Arcos 4th
Jamie Shelden 5th and first woman (only woman and she got a huge trophy for it hahahaha)

The last day we did a bunch of tandooms on the beach. It was cool as shit, I love seeing the look on their faces. The wind was on enough that I could let the passengers soar the launch ridge back and forth on their own. Then land on the wheels and stay in the harness while the guys clip another one in.....

Pics will follow, I have to track Jamie down and get her memory card. We have some cool shots.

We short packed Mike and Jack's gliders tonight after driving back to town from Raul's sweet little beach house. We have to get them to the airport by 4:30 tomorrow morning, but first....party tonight

Next----the Andes, we're gonna be there day after tomorrow I guess, a new spot that I didn't see last year.

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Marcelo said...

Hey Dustin,

Please say hello to Raul and Mike for me... Nice to hear that at least someone is having fun while we northeasterns enjoy our share of cold up here... Have fun and congrats for the first place...