Thoughts on Ecuador

Well it's been a year since my epic flight at the Harq's and I finally made another go at it last weekend. That place is so sweet. And it reminded me that this blog is still around so I guess I will start updating since I do have a lifestyle that allows some opportunities for writing about a lot of cool shit....thanks in no small part go out to my sponsors Wills Wing and Flytec USA who have turned me from your typical aiport kid to a globe-surfin hang gliding comp bum. This year I'm planning on focusing more and hope to post some results to make me worthy of such support.

Next stop: ECUADOR. It's that time of year again and this year promises to be sweeeet since I convinced a couple friends to come fly with me down there. Jamie Shelden and Scott-LookAtMyNewT2-Beery. Two opposites for sure. Helping Scott pack his wing will be an episode all on its own.

We fly out of L.A. Sunday morning and meet Jamie in Miami followed by a quick hop down to Guayaquil. Raul, our Ecuadorian brutha, has once again arranged digs for us all not to mention airport pickup in style.

Last year consisted of about three days of aerotow in Guayaquil at Raul's kinda-private paved strip next to a consistently soarable ridge. This year we will be using his recently cleared launch and lz on that ridge and hopefully we will set the Guayaquil xc record that eluded us last year. This will be followed by a week of the best coastal ridge soaring available in the world. Last year we hit Canoa, Cruzita, and Montanhita. They are all such cool places that you'll just have to wait for pictures to understand. And the best air......did somebody just say LOOP? God I am cravin a throwdown.

So keep an eye open. I will start updating this thing with pics and cool stories of Jamie getting wasted starting Monday.

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OB said...

It's about time. Keep the ball rollin' and don't leave the snow-bound folks in suspense. Ask Raul, "que pasa? y What the fu*k" - Cheers - OB