Congratulations Jonathan Dietch - winner of a new Flytec Carbon Racing Pod. And congratulations to Mark Frutiger - winner of a one-on-one XC Racing Clinic.

And thanks to everyone else as well. If you weren't one of the winners, your name is going back into the hat (or D-bag) for another chance at a team shirt or some other little items. For those bidding on the T2 fairing kits or the Gekos, I'm still waiting for a couple more entrants to cover costs then that raffle will move forward.

Round 2 starts right NOW! New items up for grabs include the Hang Glider collectors lighters ($5 a chance for a 5-pack), and the new 'Chill' flying shades from Blueeye available through Flytec ($25 a chance).

I've been flying with the Chills for a few months now and they are another level above all pseudo flying glasses I have used in the past. Best wrap around fit and least distorted lens quality of any shades in my collection. I prefer rose lenses but they are also available in smoke and bronze lenses.

So thanks to all the entrants, I am now placing my order for 3 team shirts full price from the team support site and they will be thrown in to the raffle for those who didn't win this time around. Good luck!

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