A few more here, and more to come of our great week in Canoa. On the last morning we focused our time on the trike and tandem setup. Some people got their first taste of air, it was pretty sweet not to mention fun as hell for me. After the race in the afternoon, Mike took the shot of the north cliffs. Later we got these shots of Mike and Jamie post race, pre beer, the brightest moment of the day. We all gathered at the local restaurant in Canoa for the parting shot.

I think we will make a run at the local Guayaquil 200meter hill for a last flight before packing it all down and heading back to the states. Plans are already laid for a return in a few months! Flying meets culture meets beautiful scenery meets incredible people. It's been hard to find a better spot.

Shit! Jamie I edited out your beautiful glider pic....you'll have to send it again if you want your fame to continue in the wingman blog.

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Jamie Shelden said...

God, that blue and grey Litesport is without a doubt the most beautiful glider I have ever seen ;-)